Latest UpdateEdit

The latest update was released September 30, 2019. The game is on STEAM!!! Cube world is ALIVE!

Planned UpdatesEdit

Planned updates are based off of information from

  • Fixing bugs: We have already gathered a big list of bugs and glitches reported by players.
  • Compatibility: Some players have DirectX initialization problems on their PCs. We will try to find out the reasons and solve these issues.
  • Performance: We will work on performance optimizations, both for client and server.
  • Remappable controls: We will make all controls configurable.
  • Scalable GUI: We will make the GUI scalable, so it works well with lower resolutions, too.
  • Multiplayer server configuration: We will add more server configurations options, such as a configurable port.
  • New content: We already have a few things in the making, such as new creatures.
  • Changes to the website: We'll restructure the site a little and add a new forum and probably a bugtracking system (if anyone can recommend a good bugtracker, please let me know).







July 23, 2013

  • Added an option to limit the frame rate (see options menu: FPS limit; default 111 fps)
  • Ranger ability 'Scout's switftness' q
  • The crossbow's right mouse button ability now only does damage when charged
  • You can now reset the day in inns only between 6:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.
  • Fixed a bug where multiplayer groups received too much XP for missions

July 5

  • Added an option to invert the y-axis
  • Fixed a bug where MP could be regenerated with the 'O' key
  • Fixed a bug where players could sell non-existing items from their inventory
  • Improved some launcher issues

Release DateEdit

CubeWorld officially released July 2, 2013

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